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Posh Penguins offers an extensive range of exclusively Private 1 Day & Multi-Day Tours to Phillip Island & the Penguin Parade. You can either choose one of our 'tried & tested' set itineraries which have been created by our passionate team of local guides, or tailor the day to your suit your own individual interests and curiosities. Either way, we aim to give you an unparalleled Private touring experience to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.


You can also combine your Phillip Island experience, with a tour of the Great Ocean Road. We recommend you take 2 additional Days to see The Great Ocean Road.

Upgraded seating at the Penguin Parade on our Private Phillip Island Tours


Our expert team of local guides have years of travel experience, along with extensive knowledge of Phillip Island. They also know how to make sure you get the perfect tour! We also have a modern fleet of comfy vehicles, whether that be a intimate SUV for solo's and couples, to larger MPV vehicles for groups of 3 or more. All our vehicles have complimentary bottled water to hand, comfy leather seating, UV protected windows, privacy blinds, USB charging ports. We also provide complimentary in-car wifi incase you need to keep in touch with family, friends or work colleagues.


Expert Phillip Island Local Guide James
Tour style - Professional, Friendly & Relaxed

I've lived on the island for a number of years. I'm in love with so many aspects of this area, from the diverse wildlife to the quaint coastal towns, from the hidden beauty spots to the friendly locals. For me, Phillip Island has it all.

Favourite island spot - Flynn's Beach. Perfect spot at sunset.

Expert Phillip Island Local Guide Erin
Tour style - Charismatic (so I'm told), knowledgable and a Conservation expert

I moved to the island a few years back to study wildlife conservation. So to become a guide is just a dream come true.

I just love the islands diversity, the people and of course the the cutest inhabitants on the island - the Little Fairy Penguins.

Favourite island spot - The Penguin Parade, without a doubt!

Expert Phillip Island Local Guide Andy
Tour style - Personable, Outgoing and the memory of a steel trap

I have been a tour guide for over a decade on the island, and whilst I now live in Melbourne, Phillip Island is always the place I love to come back to. After previously working as a guide for much larger group sizes, working for Posh Penguins has really allowed me to become more adaptable to an intimate sized group and really draw on their individual passions.

Favourite island spot - The koala Conservation Centre

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